Finnish Seamen’s Mission in Belgium

With you abroad

The Finnish Seamen’s Mission in Brussels offers services to Finns and their families in different life situations in Belgium.

The Finnish Seamen´s Mission in Brussels is a meeting place where you can enjoy lunch in the cafe, shop at the Finnish village shop, visit a library, take a sauna and participate in recreational activities. Our employees make also visits in homes, ships, schools and workplaces.

The Seamen’s Church does good on land and at sea. Our operations are funded by donations, grants and our own fund-raising. Thank you for everyone who eats our delicious cinnamon rolls and buy other products from our village shop. With your support we can carry on our work in Belgium.

You are warmly welcomed to visit us.

The Finnish Seamen’s Mission ”co-operates with the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Finland, and observes its confessional Christian, social, cultural and diaconic work among seafarers and Finns living abroad, and carries out international Christian work at Finnish ports”.

The Finnish Seamen´s Mission in Belgium

Contact information

Brysselin merimieskirkko /
L’Église des marins Finlandais/
de Finse Zeemanskerk
Rue Jacques de Lalaing 33
BE-1040 Brussel

telephone +32 474 940 433

You find us on Facebook and Instagram.